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Search engine optimization management is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your sites. There are as many as 213 million online searches a day; that is a lot of potential traffic and customers for your site. The key is to make sure your website appears in an advantageous position in the search rankings. Michigan SEO management can help you do that and reap the benefits.

Why are search engine rankings important Say you make and sell great decor and Amish Direct Furniture. If you conduct a Google search for ‘rustic decor‘ or ‘amish furniture,’ you will be swamped with over 1.5 million results. If your business website does not make it into the top twenty or thirty results, chances are that customers will never find your site through a search engine. Since eighty percent of first time visitors come to a site via search engine, this can mean losing valuable traffic and customers.

Image result for search engine marketing

The importance of effective search engine management cannot be understated, but what does it entail


  • Analyzing high ranking competitors use of keywords (software by PCTT).
  • Effectively using keywords. Optimizing your online content with the right keywords in the right places with the right density can help boost your search engine rankings.
  • Building links. Links to relevant sites can help increase traffic to yours.
  • Creating effective meta, title, and alt tags that use your keywords. These provide descriptions to the search engines without changing the appearance of the page.
  • Manually submitting your site to search engines. By itself, this is not the most effective method, but when used in conjunction with the steps mentioned above, it is a valuable method of search engine optimization management.
  • Regularly monitoring the status of your website rankings and making needed adjustments to content and keywords.

Michigan SEO Company Agencies uses search engine optimization management to ensure the success of your business. Being buried in the search results will consign your business to obscurity. Make sure that customers can find you by employing these effective strategies.

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