By using PPC (pay per click) campaigns, you can place ads on search engine results pages and pay only when someone clicks on them. This is a great way to drive targeted traffic to your site.
By building links to other relevant and popular sites. This is an effective way to get noticed by the search engines.
By continually monitoring your site to modify, add, or delete specific keywords or copy.
Having a search engine friendly website does not mean you ignore the user. Your site, above all, has to be user friendly. The content needs to be rich (not just stuffed with keywords) and appealing to visitors – they are looking for specific or interesting information and will leave your site if they don’t find it. Also, having text and ignoring graphics wont appeal to your visitors either. Any text will be picked up by search engines, so feel free to have graphics and images to enhance your websites appearance. After all, once a search engine picks you up, it is the customer who will be buying from you. Having an attractive, clear, and easy to use site helps.